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Where can I find coupons and free offers for dog products?

Free Samples Available

If you're looking for free samples, there's a few options for you. Occasionally, your local pet retailer will carry dog food samples when manufacturers are doing promotions to market their product. If you don't see an advertisement, it never hurts to ask. Another way to get sample products is to go to dog shows or pet expos where vendors will be located. You can usually find some product giveaways to try. For coupons, always sign up for the mailing list of your local retailer for coupons. And don't forget to check your newspaper advertisement section for coupon offers as well.

What dog sites do dog breeders find helpful?

Check out the Favorite Links

If you're looking for Internet resources on dog breeding, go where all the breeders go. Many sites provide a "favorite links" page on their Websites to guide others to sites they've found to be helpful. Click on some of these suggested links, and create your own favorites page if you have a site.

Where can I find e-mail addressed with a dog theme?

Free Doggie E-mail Addresses

Most major search engines offer their very own free e-mail services. It's fairly easy to sign up and get started. You can have your pick of any name you like (as long as someone else doesn't have it already). Be creative in coming up with your own dog related phrase. If you're looking for all the options, do a search for free e-mail and you'll find a number of listings. You'll even find at least one host that is dog themed.

Are there any online resources for someone new to dogs?

Online Resources

If you're just starting to learn about dogs and are looking for resources there's an abundance of information out there for you. You can go to the Websites of humane organizations, rescue groups, and even major pet retailers. Most will cover articles on basic canine care and training. If you want a more interactive mode of learning, try joining an online discussion group for dogs. You can post questions and get feedback from other members fairly quickly.

How can I start learning about dogs?

Getting Started in the World of Dogs

If you're interested in learning about dogs, there are a number of books available to help you get started. Go to the animal and pet section of your local bookstore or library to obtain books about breeds, general care and handling, and competitive sports for canines. If you really want to be hands on, try volunteering at your local animal shelter. You'll experience first hand how to care for and interact with dogs.

What dog publications should I subscribe to?

Choosing a Specialty Magazine

There are a vast number of publications catering to dog owners from breed specific magazines to general interest to magazines geared toward young canine lovers. If you're trying to decide which publication to subscribe to, head down to your local bookstore or pet store and browse the content of ones that you might be interested in. Choose one based on your own interests, whether it be Doberman pinchers, living with dogs, or competing in flyball and agility.

How can I find more advice on dogs?

Use Canine Search Engines

While most folks are familiar with the big name search engines, did you know that there are search engines specifically geared towards canine topics? You'll be able to find a host of information geared towards all things dog and dog related. Use several words in the search box to get the most targeted listing of Websites to visit.

What other sources of dog advice and tips can I try?

Subscribe to Dog-Tips Newsletter & Ezines

If you're looking for additional sources of canine advice, try signing up for the Dog Tips newsletter. You'll get fresh and informative ideas about dogs on a regular basis.

It's quick and easy. Just enter your e-mail address in the box on the left hand side of the page.

Consider subscribing to one or two others out there as well. Major dog publications often have regular newsletters you can subscribe to on their Websites. You'll get by helpful new ideas on a regular basis.

Where can I find more information about dogs online?

Open the Door to Dog Know-How

There's a wealth of information that you can find on the World Wide Web about dogs. From canine health to dog breeds to competitive sports, information is available at a touch of your fingertips. You can probably find information on just about everything related to dogs somewhere. Try some of the Websites for humane societies, animal rescues, breed clubs, university veterinary hospitals, and canine publications.

Where can I find dog cartoons?

Dog Cartoons Online

Popular character classics like Snoopy and Marmaduke used to just be found in the comics section of your local newspaper. They now have an Internet presence for any Web user to enjoy. For those interested in some newer strips, Get Fuzzy, Barkeater Lake, and Kit 'N' Carlyle all feature lovable canines.

Where can I find more answers to my questions?

Browse FAQ's for Answers to Questions

Frequently Asked Questions or "FAQ's" are collections of answers to popular queries sent to dog experts or discussion lists. They are an excellent place to browse to see if the answer to your question is already available. When you're looking for more information on a website, always try the FAQ before you ask.

Where can I find free web pages for dogs?

Free Dog Web Pages

Like the communities that are popping up where you can network, meet friends, and find relationships, there are now Web communities popping up for dog lovers. Use one of these community Websites to get a free Webpage for your canine. Post photos, stats, blogs, and a bio of your beloved pooch.

Are there online freebies for dog lovers?

Get a Free E-card

Check the Web for E-mailable greetings. Many sites offer free E-cards of dogs that you can send to your family and friends. It's a great way to send a greeting to any dog lover you know. You can typically choose from a variety of purebreds and mixed breeds. Photos range from fun and quirky to artistic.

How can I subscribe to a free dog ezine?

Sign Up for a
Free Ezine

One of the best ways to learn all about dog breeds, care, health, feeding and much more is to sign up for a free e-mail newsletter or ezine. You can sign up for the Dog Tips weekly newsletter by filling in your e-mail address on the left-hand side of the page.

Many major publications of dog magazines, humane societies, and on-line retailers also typically have regular newsletters that you can sign up for by e-mail. Go on-line to their Websites to find them.

Where can I find more answers to my questions?

Read Back Issues of
Dog Tips Newsletter

Enjoy all the back issues of the Dog Tips newsletter for information on everything about dogs. You'll find a multitude of tips, recommended links, books, and more. Just follow the link on the left hand side of the page.

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