Helping Pet Allergic People

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What supplements or products can help prevent humans from being allergic to my dog?

Helping Pet Allergic People

Is a member of your family allergic to dogs? You may already have a hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner and your house may be as clean as a whistle, but it is your dog's dander that is causing the problem. Dander is just dead skin cells which are shed by all mammals.

With regular brushing and coat maintenance (done outside) you may reduce your dog's dander considerably.

In addition, many pet supply stores sell dog supplements and sprays that help reduce and eliminate your dog's dander. These products are “pro-biotic” and contain healthy microbes that consume dander. Spray this formula onto your dog's coat frequently during the first week and then once a week to maintain. These sprays can be applied to other surfaces like your dog's bed or favorite spot on the couch.

Hint: If you have an allergy sufferer in the home, you should try to choose a dog breed with a short coat that is known to cause fewer allergies in humans.



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