Grooming Process Explained

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What will a groomer do with my dog?

Grooming Process Explained

Groomers offer a wide variety of services and they're not just for fluffing up that fancy poodle. Here's the lowdown on some of the services they offer to spruce up your canine.

• Inspection – The groomer or bather will examine your pet for areas that need specific attention. They'll check for any fur matting, ear dirt or wax, and nail length. This is the time that they'll figure out what's needed for the grooming style of your dog.

• Brushing and Combing (Removing Mats) – Long haired dogs and their undercoats are prone to fur matting. Water will make fur matting worse, especially in the case of curly, long hair. The coat must be combed or brushed out and any mats removed prior to bathing.

• Nail Trim – Unless your dog gets a lot of pavement time, she'll need a nail trimming every so often. If your dog hates getting her nails trimmed, the groomer can handle this for you.

• Cleaning ears – Cleaning the ears will remove any wax or dirt buildup that may be sticking to your pooch's ears. This will help keep her from getting any ear infections.

• Coat pre-clipping – If you have a Chow chow with a style to maintain or Bichon Frise who needs a trim, she'll get the main part of her trim during the pre-clipping.



1/8/2007 11:18:33 AM
richard said:

fantastic thank you very much and i am strugerling to aford the cost of my local dog grooming centre and i always hoped i could do it myself


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