To Bark Or Not To Bark

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I hate barking, what should I do about that?

To Bark Or Not To Bark

If you are trying to choose a breed of dog with minimal barking, keep in mind that most dogs can and will bark --- though some may do so more than others simply because of their breed's characteristics. There are breeds that do not bark much at all or rarely.

However, keep in mind that there are other characteristics besides just barking to consider.

For instance, the Basenji is a breed of dog that does not bark. However, they do make a yodeling and screaming noise that may not be for every dog lover. The Basenji also comes with a high degree of health issues. The Shiba Inu seldom barks, but makes a sound that can be equated with shrieking and is a fiercely independent dog.

Bassets and Beagles tend to bark more (as do a lot of the 'baying' hound breeds). The smaller the dog, the higher tone of the bark generally and Chihuahuas have a very high pitched bark that can be annoying. Highly excitable dog breeds or those that frequently alert are more prone to bark if not trained properly.



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