Curb the Jumper

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How can I train my puppy not to jump on people?

Curb the Jumper

The first time your puppy jumps on you, it may be cute. After a number of times, you may try to push her off. To your puppy, a push can mean rough play. So she does what any normal puppy would do – she jumps with greater intensity to interact with you.

If you've got a jumper on your hands, the best thing to do is simply ignore the behavior. Your puppy will eventually learn that jumping gets her no response. Be patient and very consistent in ignoring your young canine. It may take several instances for her to get the message.



7/28/2009 8:52:42 PM
Barbara said:

I have tried to ingore it, but it seems to be getting worse. I have tired to wait him out, hopeing he will tire of jumping up and down? I have waited for 30 minutes? It seems to be every time that i go out side? but after 10 minutes- of telling me he is happy to see me, im forgotten? then he puts his paws all over u? got to have aleast one foot on u, he just a puppy I know but his feet are huge. (black lab mix) tired the rolled paper,with a vocal NO- tried useing a paper rolled up with NO, hummm what else is there?
And he is a digger, by no means a small digger in any way shape or form. He even knows he is doing wrong but still does it?If i catch him at he gets a spanking and told NO-lower the voice and he squats and retreats?


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