Don't bite back

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Don't bite back

Besides barking, most puppies love to chew and bite. It's their way of socializing, playing and showing affection, as well as showing aggression. As part of your puppy training, you need to work early and often with your puppy to make sure you keep their mouthing and biting under control. Here are some tips:

* Socialization is hugely important: Your puppy needs to spend time with you and members of your family, but also with other dogs. The dog can then get used to being with humans and dogs and get over any fears it may have. If your dog is playing with another and some growling breaks out, stand back if you can and let them work it out. It's an important part of socialization.

* Don't hit or severely reprimand the dog for biting. If the dog is using his mouth too much on you, gently push his nose away and try to substitute a chew toy. Praise and reward the dog for using the chew toy instead of a human, dog or other animal.

Remember, if a dog bites it's going to be your fault 99 percent of the time. Proper puppy training, socialization and respect between dog and owner will keep biting out of the picture and make puppy training a lot more fun.



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