Does your dog need super-premium foods?

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Does your dog need super-premium foods?

Think of super-premium dog foods like human health foods. It can't hurt you to eat organic and whole-grain products, and it might even help you feel better and contribute to your overall health. Most vets think the same way about super-premium brands like Nature's Variety, Merrick and Tripett. It can't hurt and it might make a difference in your dog's coat and overall health, let alone the dog's feelings about mealtime. But few vets come out on record saying that these foods definitely make a difference in your dog's health. It's really up to you, the owner. If you're someone who sees the benefits in human health food, you're probably going to see it in dog food as well. It's up to you – and your ability and interest in paying a lot more for your dog's meals.



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