Dog carriers make travel fun for pets

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Dog carriers make travel fun for pets

Dog carriers have a huge range of uses. If your dog isn't a good traveler and doesn't ride well in moving vehicles, try a dog carrier. Your dog may feel more secure in a dog carrier and it can be their 'home away from home' for dogs that get nervous during travel. Dog carriers help dogs behave well, stay calm and provide you with the peace of mind while driving!

Many rescued dogs need either a crate or kennel at the beginning of their transition from shelter to home, for the experience of the shelter might have been very traumatic for them. The smaller confined space (as opposed to the wide space of your home) can be comforting to the shelter dog at the beginning of their new life with you.

When buying a dog carrier, make sure you select the right size. The dog carrier should be high enough to allow your dog to stand comfortably and be roomy enough to accommodate the length of your dog, too. There are dog carriers to fit the extra-large Newfie and the small Dachshund.

In choosing your dog carrier, consider your lifestyle needs.

----- How often will you use your dog carrier?

----- How much do you want to spend on your dog carrier?

----- Does it need to have the ability to collapse to a very small size for space purposes?

----- Are you going to be traveling by air? There are restrictions specific for this kind of travel.

----- Do you need a kennel or a crate?

Kennels are usually plastic with one door and have a handle - most collapse around the center and can be flipped into each other to save space. Air travel is usually done with kennels and they come in a wealth of sizes to pick from.

Crates on the other hand are usually vinyl-covered wire and collapse fully into a flat almost suit-case like object readily slide underneath any bed or in the back of a closet when not needed. You can also buy furniture that fits over a crate so it can be added to any room in your house (similiar to an end-table appearance). For the larger breeds, adding a set of furniture movers (with wheels) to the bottom will allow you mobility to move this crate without having to break it down. ALL have solid bottoms (unlike cages designed for rabbits which have wire bottoms)... make sure you don't buy the wrong one and your dog's paws or toes get caught in those wire bottoms!

There are many styles and types of dog carriers to choose from. Dog carriers can be plush, with plenty of stretching room, even air-conditioning and heat. There are dog carriers that are waterproof. Some dog carriers come with water bottles, food dishes and covers to prevent drafts.

Also, consider your dog's personality when choosing a dog carrier. Active dogs are going to need a dog carrier with ample space. NEVER put a dog inside a crate or kennel with their leash on - it is just too easy for it to get tangled up and choke him to death. If your dog is initially scared of a crate or kennel, begin with short spans of time and give them a Kong (available at any petshop) to occupy themselves with.

In the long run, the purchase of a kennel or crate for any dog is a must, whether you travel or not. Many dogs prefer to snooze their afternoons away inside a kennel or crate with an open door and transition to using this same item when traveling!



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Nice informative article regarding dog carriers which would help me in buying dog carrier for different travels. Now, I am able to precisely select the right size and type of carriers for my dog. Thanks you so much for sharing your thoughts.


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