Safety first when buying pet toys

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Safety first when buying pet toys

When shopping for a dog toy, choose the plaything that fits your dog's personality and is also safe. The right dog toy fits your dog's own unique personality. Chewing is a big part of dog play, so consider chewing habits when buying a dog toy. Aggressive chewers need durable rubber or nylon dog toys. A dog toy that is a hard bone, available at pet stores, is always a good choice for the aggressive chewer.

Also, shop for dog toys that can't easily be ripped apart if you have an aggressive chewer. Semi-aggressive chewers can go for softer, plusher dog toys of canvas, fleece or rope. Try smearing your dog toy with peanut better, which makes the dog toy a more enticing treat for your pet. Think of safety first anytime you shop for a dog toy. Make sure the dog toy is tough enough to resist breaking and inspect your dog toys on a regular basis for tears, potential loss of a squeaker, etc.



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