Thanks for the gumball

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Thanks for the gumball

In what has to be one of the all-time-cool dog toys, Yuppy Puppy has a dog treat dispenser in the shape of an old-time gumball machine. Yuppy Puppy offers a 13-inch-tall working gumball machine that dispenses a dog treat every time anyone pushes down on a lever in the shape of a bone. How can a Yuppy Puppy resist this tasetful gift? Best part: You can easily train your dog to operate this himself. The Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine is made of metal, plastic and acrylic and available online for as low as $36, without treats. Yuppy Puppy also makes a line of multicolored (looks like gumballs) dog treats designed specially for the machine, available in a bag big enough to fill the globe at least twice for as low as $9.95 online. One warning: The self-operated lever only works for medium-size and big dogs.



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