Grooming schedule

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Grooming schedule

It is important to both you and the dog to establish and adhere to a regular schedule of dog grooming. Make it a convenient time for both you and your dog. A good time to do this is after the dog has been walked, while he is relieved and calm. Select a time when you will not be interrupted and have ample time to do a proper dog grooming.
Longhaired dogs should be brushed and combed daily, while shorthaired breeds may require dog grooming only twice a week. You will soon be able to tell what frequency your dog requires.
How often your pet needs a shampoo is a different question. Most pets require a thorough bathing at least every 4-6 weeks to stay clean and odor free. Depending upon your family's lifestyle and whether your pet spends time outdoors, you may want to shampoo more frequently. With modern and natural dog shampoos available it's safe to wash your dog as often as once a week.



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