Dog coats warm your furry friend

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Dog coats warm your furry friend

We all know dogs sport their own beautiful coats but winter sometimes calls for extra help. The answer: dog coats, expecially for short-haired dogs. When you put on a coat for a walk outdoors, put a dog coat on your pooch as well. Dog coats are especially comforting to short-haired and small dogs, especially breeds with short legs who are low to the ground. Dog coats may add extra protection for a Husky or Chow or other hearty dog with a lot of fur, if it is really, really cold outside. Dog coats are useful indoors for some small, hairless or short-haired dogs (Pugs, Chihuahuas.) They probably need to put on a dog coat or sweater inside, when the temperature is set below 70. If you're still not sure if your dog needs a winter dog coat, ask your vet, breeder or dog trainer. Remember, it's not embarrassing for your dog to wear a winter coat. After all, you do.



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