Dog coats of many colors, styles

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Dog coats of many colors, styles

So you've decided your dog needs a winter coat. Dog coats are a smart choice. A winter dog coat can make outdoor walks with your best friend more fun for both of you. But what kind of dog coat to choose? With hundreds of styles of dog coats for all kinds of dogs, it's a personal choice. But you should probably approach buying a dog coat with the same plan as you do buying a coat for yourself. If you spend a lot of time outside in cold weather, you probably have a big, warm winter coat. Your dog needs an extra warm dog coat, too. If fashion is more important to you than warmth, you can purchase designer dog coats for you and your dog. Overall, you should make sure the dog coat is warm, fits well, is easy for you to put on and take off the dog, and hard for the dog to remove or squirm out of. If it fits well, your pet will find a dog coat comfortable and cozy! Also, make sure the dog coat is washable and won't shrink. Fleece is a good choice for light and flexible warmth in a dog coat, and so are wool blends. Other fabrics might look good, but won't be nearly as versatile.



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