Buying a dog bed

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Buying a dog bed

When buying a dog bed, here are some things you need to think about:

* First, think about the size and needs of your dog. The dog should be able to lie flat on the dog bed, stretched out on its side, without hanging off the bed.

* How healthy is your dog? If your dog is arthritic, it may need a heated dog bed. If the dog has incontinence problems, you're going to need a dog bed that can be easily cleaned, or maybe two dog beds to swap in and out.

* What would make your dog most comfortable? Dog beds come in many sizes and styles. There are pillows, mats, rugs and cuddlers. Pillows are big cushions. Mats are thinner than pillows, and rugs are even thinner. A cuddler is like a pillow with sides, so your dog can curl up and have some walls around him. A puppy or small dog is going to have much different needs than a big dog or a very active one.

* What is the bed filled with? Most are filled with foam, but some are filled with cedar, which repels fleas and smells fresh. If you purchase a cedar bed, make sure it is refillable.

* The covering must be removable and washable. It will get dirty, or worse.

* Where are you going to put the bed? If it's going to be in a room, especially a well-traveled living room or den, you will want to match the bed to the room's colors and atmosphere. If you are buying a bed for a dog's crate or dog house, the color isn't going to be as important.

* How much do you want to spend? A simple fleece rug can be found online for as low as $10. Pillows and cuddlers run between $20 and $150, depending on the size. It's up to you and your wallet again.



1/9/2008 1:45:43 AM
DogBedsandmore said:

Yes, There are many things to think about when picking up a good dog bed. Your article highlights questions and principles to guide us in choosing a perfect dog bed that would fit my pets lifestyle.


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