The Cadillac of dog beds

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The Cadillac of dog beds

If you're the type of person who'd rather buy something expensive that might last a while, as opposed to something cheaper and easy to replace, you might consider a Kuranda dog bed. Kuranda dog beds are not the cheapest. They start at $60 and go for well over $100 for a wooden model, but these beds are incredibly well-constructed and offer some advantages over traditional pillows, rugs and cuddlers. First, you can buy Kuranda dog beds in metal or hard plastic resin, neither of which is very chewable. Second, the Kuranda dog beds are raised slightly of the ground, making them warmer in the winter and keeping them away from dirty floors. Kuranda Dog Beds come in wood, aluminum, metal and poly-resin, with colorful, east-to-clean nylon beds. Not convinced? Look them up in review sites like Epinions. Just don't get confused with the rain forest village in Australia (which also seems pretty cool).



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