Treat her (or him) right

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Treat her (or him) right

Dog treats are an important part of the relationship between owner and pet. This is especially important when training the dog, but awarding dog treats for good behavior is good business just about anytime. But it's very important to make sure the dog treats are healthy and good for the dog. Here are some tips:

* If your dog is overweight, or even has a tendency toward gaining excess pounds, you want to make sure you give low-calorite dog treats. Overindulging with high-calorie dog treats is a leading cause of obesity among dogs.

* Always buy healthy dog treats with all-natural ingredients. Look for whole grains and single-source proteins, like chicken or beef.

* Dog treats made from fish are low-cal and taste great.

* Don't fill up on dog treats, especially before meals. Dog treats should be no more than than 10 percent of your dog's diet.



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