To crate or not to crate

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To crate or not to crate

A dog crate can be a great benefit for both owner and pet, if introduced and used correctly. But there are going to be times when a dog crate is not appropriate for either of you. Here are some quick guidelines about when you should not crate your dog:

* If the puppy is too young to have any control over its waste elimination. The clean-up and contamination of the dog crate will be more work than is worth it.
* If the dog – of any age – has diarrhea.
* If the dog has an illness that leads to regular vomiting.
* If it's too hot.
* If the dog hasn't had much play time or owner time.
* If the dog hasn't eliminated waste recently.

As you can see, most of these conditions are temporary. So keep them in mind and remember that both of you need to think of the dog crate as a comfortable place to hang out.



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