Dog Grooming: Eye Tear Stains

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My dog's eyes get tear stains under them. What is the cause and what products or procedures are available to get rid of them?

Dog Grooming: Eye Tear Stains

If you have a smaller dog and his/her coat is light in color, chances are you have noticed dark patches under his/her eyes from time to time. Unlike their human counterparts, dogs don't develop dark circles from a lack of sleep or when they've had a 'ruff' night. Those dark patches can be caused by a multitude of factors. Dogs who eyes tear excessively can develop yeast or bacterial infections that cause a reddish-brown stain. Blocked tear ducts, ear infections and allergies are also common causes of eye staining. There may even be a genetic component. And, if the water in your area has an especially high mineral level, your dog's eyes may have a tendency to stain. Once you have determined the cause of your dog's eye stains -- and if you can eliminate the source -- you can work to remove the stains from your dog's facial hair/fur.



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