Papillion: The Butterfly Dog

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Could you give me some information on the papillion dog breed?

Papillion: The Butterfly Dog

Just looking at this tiny pup, you might expect it to take flight! Its oversized ears have earned it the nickname "the butterfly dog," but the Papillion (pronounced PAP-ee-yon) is not flighty at all.

The breed is intelligent, friendly, affectionate and a whole lot tougher than it looks. Weighing in at roughly 10 pounds, this dog enjoys a good romp in the yard with its people of whom it is fiercely loyal and protective. One of the oldest dogs on record, the papillion's signature ears can be either erect or drooping, both of which compliment its spotted silky coat. Expect to give your papillion a daily brushing to maintain that coat for up to 16 years (a typical life time).



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