Targeting Dog Behavior Problems

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How can dog behavior problems be addressed?

Targeting Dog Behavior Problems

When one sees an ad that reads "dog houses for sale," it can mean that dogs with behavior problems once lived in the area. Sometimes pet owners surrender their pets with behavior problems to shelters or local rescue groups; then they sell the remaining dog house. The majority of dog behavior issues can be managed, however, so it pays to take some steps to rectify the situation before giving a dog away. Understanding dog behavior is the first step toward changing it.

One often sees a change in dog behavior after the dog has had some type of training. Group obedience classes or one-on-one dog training may be a good option for solving basic dog behavior problems. Aggressive behavior in dogs should be treated by a professional, as an aggressive dog has the potential to be dangerous.

Dog behavior training can take time, and repetition is important. Try to be patient with your pet and reinforce good behavior. If there are several family members living in the same household, make sure that everyone is consistent when it comes to enforcing rules and limitations for the dog. If everyone is on the same page, the dog is more likely to improve his behavior.



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