Keeping Dogs Warm

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How can I help my dog stay warm in cooler weather?

Keeping Dogs Warm

Keeping dogs warm in the winter is vital for their health. Some dogs have a good, thick coat of fur that helps protect them from harsh weather, but others with thinner coats can suffer terribly from the cold. Luckily there are several things that can be done to address this issue.

One way to help dogs stay warm is to provide them with an outdoor shelter for cooler days. The Dogloo Dog House is the perfect example of an investment one can make for a temperature-sensitive dog. The structure provides protection from wind and a warm spot to relax. This can be very helpful for dogs that like to be outside in the fall but really need a little bit of additional shelter.

Another option is "doggie clothing." Big-dog clothing may be a bit difficult to find compared to clothing for small dogs, but it is out there. After all, larger dogs can get cold too. Small-dog clothes tend to be plentiful as many tiny breeds need additional layers to protect from the elements. Dog clothing has become more popular over the years; these days a savvy shopper can find everything from sweaters to raincoats to booties and accessories too.



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