Dog Grooming Basics

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Can I groom a dog at home?

Dog Grooming Basics

Grooming dogs can take a little bit of practice. You can always take your dog to a pet store or a groomer rather than attempt it yourself, but you can do it at home too. Basic dog grooming equipment includes dog shampoo, nail clippers and a comb or brush for the fur. Reliable dog grooming information is available through a veterinarian, in books or on the Web.

Be sure to find dog grooming instructions related to the specific breed and coat type of your dog. Some dogs will require more care than others. Short-haired breeds may require less in the way of dog grooming supplies than long-haired breeds, but all dogs can benefit from a basic grooming session performed on a regular basis. Grooming can be a bonding experience for both owner and pet, and it keeps your dog looking great.

When grooming a dog try to keep the season in mind. Even a long-haired dog may go running for their Igloo Dog House if their hair is cut too short in the winter. Be sure and take the time to learn any dog grooming tips from professionals or friends who groom their dogs regularly.



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