Dog Collars and Leashes

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What types of dog collars and leashes are there?

Dog Collars and Leashes

A dog collar and leash can almost be considered clothing for a dog. Many people enjoy having a variety of collars and leashes in different styles and colors to dress up their pet. These accessories also serve a training and safety purpose, as they help to keep dogs under control while on a walk or in the home. The collar is also where the dog's identification tags are located if he has them.

Some owners like to use the combination of a dog harness and leash because they feel it gives them better control over their dog while on a walk. Other people prefer leather dog leashes with a traditional adjustable collar. There is also the retractable leash, which gives the dog a bit more freedom to explore while on a walk. Leashes come in several different lengths and materials.

Those looking for a bit more in the way of design or style may enjoy personalized dog leashes or decorative collars. In terms of training, the bark collar is often employed as a tool to help teach dogs not to bark excessively. Some bark collars send out a spray to discourage barking while others deliver a stimulation that will help stop the dog from making noise without harming him.



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