Breed-Specific Health Care

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What are some things to think about when it comes to canine health care?

Breed-Specific Health Care

Certain breeds are prone to particular dog health issues. If you are aware of the problems typical of your breed you can take action in advance to combat them. Basic information about breed-related dog health problems can be found in books or on the Web. For specific dog health care questions, consult your veterinarian.

Sometimes all you need are a few suggestions to alter typical unhealthy breed-specific behaviors. For example, there are many types of dog bowls you can choose for your dog, but for dogs that are prone to bloat, they may benefit from having raised dog bowls for feeding. Breeds that are prone to repeated ear infections may require more frequent cleanings. Dogs with a lot of wrinkles need to have them cleaned and readjusted on a regular basis to prevent skin infections.

Also make sure to read about health problems that can strike senior dogs. If you see your older dog struggling on his daily walk or drinking considerably more water than usual, these are usually signs of deteriorating health. Knowing this information early can be crucial in getting your pet the care he needs right away.



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