Purchasing Dog Supplies

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What are some supplies that need to be purchased on a regular basis when you have a dog?

Purchasing Dog Supplies

What type of dog supplies should new dog owners buy on a regular basis? The answer depends in part on the age of the new dog. Puppy dog supplies include toys for teething, an adjustable collar, potty papers and a crate. Dog training supplies, such as tiny treats for obedience class, will help your puppy learn his lessons fast.

As a dog grows his needs change. Adult food will replace puppy chow. Other supplies for adult dogs include treats, clean-up bags and flea medication. Older dogs entering their senior years may require regular medications for arthritis and other health conditions. They may be prone to more accidents in the house, so training pads may come in handy.

Supplies for puppies, adult and senior dogs add up fast, so look for sales and discounts at your local PETCO or online at PETCO.com.



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