Flea Control Basics

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What are some basics when it comes to flea control?

Flea Control Basics

Although everyone knows dogs can get fleas, these days there are easy and effective ways to prevent flea infestation. Use Frontline For Dogs on a regular basis and you won't have a problem. Frontline is a good choice of flea control product because it is easy to use and prevents flea infestation before it starts. It is sometimes referred to as "Frontline flea and tick control" because it helps protect dogs from tick infestation as well.

Fleas are easy for a dog to pick up and difficult to get rid of. Frontline repels both adult fleas and their eggs and larvae. This helps break the life cycle and get things under control quickly so that the dog can get relief fast.

Other flea products on the market come in sprays or dips. There are also flea collars for dogs. These items can be effective, but Frontline is easy to apply and fairly hassle-free. The once-a-month topical application goes on, dries and goes to work on the flea problem immediately.



7/16/2009 6:27:26 PM
Dog Lover said:

Frontline does NOT repel fleas. It will kill them once they spend some time on your dog, but fleas will still get on your pet and bite your pet.


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