Vacationing With Dogs

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How can I choose a crate for taking my dog with me on vacations?

Vacationing With Dogs

Vacationing with dogs can require a bit of an investment in terms of gear. This is especially true if your pet will be going on an airplane. One of the first things he or she will need is a portable dog crate. These days there are many airline dog carriers to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one is the best choice.

Before investing in a crate for this purpose, check to make sure that it will be accepted by the airline. Good airline-approved dog carriers have features such as ample ventilation and they are made of durable materials. A good example is the Vari Kennel, which is easy to assemble and features a side rail that maintain the crate's air flow. When it comes to dog-friendly travel, flying is not the ideal choice, but having the proper dog travel carrier can make a big difference.

Many dog travel crates can also work for car trips. Traveling with dogs in the car can be a more pleasant experience because you know your dog is safe and comfortable. Before purchasing a crate, make sure it will fit in the car and that it is airline approved so it can be used for any vacation.



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