A New Dog

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What are some things to consider when bringing a dog home for the first time?

A New Dog

Adopting or buying a new dog is exciting, but new dog owners may not be ready with everything they need to welcome their pet into the family. Some items to have on hand include a collar, leash, bowls, food and a few toys. New puppy needs include puppy food, a crate and possibly "potty papers" for training. If the dog is teething, it can be a good idea to invest in a few chew toys as well.

The new dog will need a bit of time to adjust to his or her environment. Be sure and show them anything that is theirs so they can check things out, such as a dog bed or dog doors. They may not know what to do with them right away, but in time they will learn.

Even older dogs will need a little while to adjust to a new home. The new dog may be a little timid in the beginning. Make plenty of fresh water available and try to begin a schedule for feeding and going outside as soon as possible. This will help the dog feel more comfortable and provide structure as well.



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