Biking as a hobby for you and your dog

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Biking as a hobby for you and your dog

As the warmer weather begins, many of us pull the bikes out of the garage, pump up the tires and get anxious to get back into our routine of exercise. For those with large dog breeds who are used to jogging, there are bike poles that can easily be attached to the bike's frame, keeping the dog to our side at a safe distance for the short lead is attached to the end of the bike pool.

But what happens to the smaller dog breeds that can't keep up with even a slow biker? There are several options available for this shared form of exercise with you and your dog. One is to install a dog basket on either the front or back of your bike - it will come with one or two hooks that offer places to connect your dog's harness to the basket for safety. Another option is a dog bike trailer that is attached on the back of your bike. While neither option actually exercises your dog, taking water and lunch with you for the midway stop point at a park provides the needed exercise for your pooch and their additional weight while you are biking is similiar to ankle weights while exercising! A win-win all the way around!



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