Expectations: What do you expect from your new puppy or dog?

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Expectations: What do you expect from your new puppy or dog?

Whether you've just bought a new puppy at a petshop (hopefully not) or a reputable breeder --- or adopted a puppy or older dog from a rescue or shelter, you go into this new phase of your life with expectations. Some expectations are pretty basic: friendly, doesn't bite, goes potty outside, doesn't chew up my shoes, etc.

Expectations are tricky ideas to have floating inside your heart and head regarding another living being. With the wrong expectations, be it another human or a canine, the relationship can be doomed to failure from the very start. Many people 'expect' the dog or puppy to know the difference between their toys and a child's toys... but from ground level and in size, coloring, many dog toys look very much like children's toys.

We've all heard that old saying, "a dog won't mess in its own backyard" but if your puppy came from a mill, they will have a natural tendency to go potty in their crate, unlike non-puppy mill puppies who are taught properly by their moms through the early weeks.

Finally, new dog owners are sometimes faced with a lack of experience and knowledge that can only be gotten firsthand... you'll eventually know the difference in between a playful bark, an alert bark or a loving, recognition bark. So the best expectation to have when adding a dog or puppy to your home, is to have none at all! Do the very best research you can, pick the dog breed that fits your lifestyle and family best and then dive in with no expectations - with no expectations, you'll never be disappointed!



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