Expectations: Male marking

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Expectations: Male marking

There is an expectation that if you select a male, you will have the problem of territorial marking. In fact, marking is not a sex-oriented behavior, but factored by dominance and/or if the dog is still intact.

Males who have been neutered no longer have to establish dominance to mate; therefore, they are less apt to mark in your home.

Females who are dominant or the alpha can just as easily mark as a male. Marking simply establishes dominance, but there are some females by nature who develop into the alpha as they mature and begin marking as they attempt to establish dominance in the pack.

To stop marking, you need to catch the dog in the act and then neutralize the smell. Use products such as “Nature’s Miracle” (readily found in any pet store) or a mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water. While an unneutralized marked area will not necessarily cause your other dogs to begin marking, the ammonia ingredient will be the trigger for other dogs to urinate there as well.



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