Animal Advocacy & Puppy Mills

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Animal Advocacy & Puppy Mills

Puppy mills have been the 'deep, dark, dirty secret' in the pet trade industry for a VERY long time. Puppy mills supply the petshops, petshops supply the backyard breeders and Internet sellers... it is just that simple.

The mindset of the general public is slowly changing - they no longer want to be part of the contribution to the problem and more are turning to adopting a new companion instead of shopping. But there are a select few that want to do more than just boycotting petshops that sell puppies - they want to become animal advocates and actively fight the sales of puppy mill puppies.

A common question I am asked is "How do I start? Where do I begin?"

One answer is to organize protests of your local petshops that sell puppies. This should be done ONLY after you've talked to the petshop owner and attempted to encourage them to stop the sales and offer spots for rescue groups to come into their establishment and place unwanted companion animals.

For more detailed information on how to go about doing a protest, see this website:



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