Brush your Dog Correctly

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What is the right way to brush a dog?

Brush your Dog Correctly

How many times have you told your groomer that you brush your dog all the time, only to find his coat is still matted? The problem is that you may not be brushing effectively.

First, teach your dog to lie on his side for grooming. Brush in layers starting at the feet and belly and work up toward the spine.

After you think you've got it all brushed, go back with a metal comb and comb through to check your work. Any knots will show themselves with the comb.

Also, the sound of the brush going through the coat will tell you if there are knots. You'll hear that the sound will be harsher when matting is present.



7/10/2009 8:14:52 PM
Frustrated said:

I brush my dog but she seems to
just get more matted, large tight patches of knots. BB, is a poodle, bichon mix any ideas?
Matted frustrated.


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