Teach Your Dog To Spin

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What new tricks can I teach my dog?

Teach Your Dog To Spin

Most dogs know how to sit, stay and speak, but you can wow friends and family when your dog knows a unique trick. Teaching your dog how to spin takes patience but is worth the novelty of the trick.

Getting your dog to spin is the most difficult part. Use your dog's tail, a toy, or a treat to direct your dog in a circle. Reward your pet when the action is correctly performed, and let your dog know good behavior by praising the dog and naming the trick performed. Once dogs know you view something positively, they try hard to mimic and learn the behavior. When the dog is getting familiar with the trick, replace the object used with a circular hand motion along the with the command.

You may be able to help your dog by adjusting the dog's body in a circle and gently encouraging the correct movement. This is easier to do when just using praise as a reward or the dog will be too focused on a treat to pay attention.

The results will be amusing at first, but eventually your dog will master the spin and happily prance in a circle.



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