The Balancing Act

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How can I teach my dog a fun new trick?

The Balancing Act

Whether you have an old canine or a puppy, any pooch can learn new tricks. Teaching your dog is fun, and there is more for your pet to master than ordinary commands like sit and stay. Teaching your dog to balance and catch a treat takes patience but is fairly simple.

The best way to teach this trick is through repetition. Place a treat on your dogs nose, tell them to wait and gently hold the dog's head to encourage stillness. If your dog does not like being held, then concentrate on using commands and a hand motion to keep your dog in place.

After dogs understand wait, making any encouraging noise or gesture lets them know to get the treat. They naturally throw it up in the air and try to catch it. The secret to catching the treat lies with the owner not the dog. Using an appropriate sized treat for your pet and positioning it correctly helps your dog complete the trick. This could take trail and error, but soon you and your dog will be professionals at this balancing act.



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