Better Food, Less Mess

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How does a dog adjust to changes in dog food?

Better Food, Less Mess

To get your canine the healthiest he can be, consider feeding him a high quality natural dog food that is typically found at a specialty pet store or online.

Because these foods have less preservatives and fillers, your pet will excrete less waste. That makes clean-up quicker and easier. Your canine will enjoy a healthier, more nutritious diet and you have less mess to deal with!



3/24/2007 7:35:52 AM
De'Sean said:

This is a great tip.

7/12/2007 8:08:25 AM
karina said:

i think this dog food information is very helpfull when looking for the best food to buy your new pup!

8/15/2007 7:58:54 PM
emily said:

This comment is very useful for my dog and I. Now I know to buy better food for him(he was getting quite bored of the food he was eating anyway).

2/22/2008 4:37:46 PM
ian said:

While fillers do in fact contribute to more "waste" the quality of the nutritional components are often overlooked. I have reviewed several protein digestibility studies and have seen that many "high quality", "low filler" foods use proteins of poor quality of which your dog may only metabolize 50%!!!

9/8/2008 1:31:25 PM
ShepAussie said:

The more meat or a meat meal the better and they should appear on the ingredient listing before other ingredients.

12/1/2008 10:26:58 PM
Adrian said:

I agree with that 100%.
Feed well the dog and it will live longer, with a nice aging posture.

5/24/2009 9:01:44 PM
Tita said:

i agree! i just wish it wasn't so expensive...
i hear that it helps with the digestion and such.
wat r in those fillings anyway??????????? idk...


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