Canine Body Language: Predatory

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What does a predatory dog look like?

Canine Body Language: Predatory

A dog in hunting mode is on the prowl. His predatory instincts will have kicked in and his body language will adjust accordingly. His ears will be alert listening, his eyes will be very focused, and his mouth will be shut and quiet. He'll carry his tail low, his body will be tense, crouching, and ready to spring on possible prey.



8/26/2009 1:23:26 AM
Miss Melody said:

I witnessed this exact behavior yesterday while walking my dogs, with some idiot people who were not paying attention to their dog, He was prowled down real low, mouth shut and eyes just focused on us, as we tried to make our way around the family, this hug dog made his pounce for his prey, my chow chow..needless to say this was extremely disturbing, and all of us. I had to pull my dog so fast, he was choking on his chain, and frothing at the mouth.. I was very pissed at those people!


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