New Puppy, Old Dog

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What should I do when introducing a pup to a household with a dog?

New Puppy, Old Dog

If you are adding a new puppy to your family and you already have an adult dog, supervised introductions are in order. Make the introduction in as neutral a territory as possible. If the meeting is to take place at your home, try the backyard if it is fenced and secure. Keep your adult dog off leash as leashing her might add to the tension or cause her to be aggressive. If all goes well, bring both your canines inside the house. Keep a close eye on both dogs for the next few weeks. If at any time, tension builds, redirect the behavior of either dog to something else. And profusely reward your adult dog for any good behavior that she shows during the transition period.



2/7/2008 9:16:19 AM
georgina said:

I did that but still my old boxer still very aggressive with the new puppy what can I do? my e-mail is thank you very much


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