Don't Love Me Because I'm a Star

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How can I be sure the dog breed we choose is right for us?

Don't Love Me Because I'm a Star

It is very easy to become enamored with a breed on the big screen. When the Walt Disney Movie 101 Dalmatians came out people flocked to get a Dalmatian puppy. Unfortunately, many of these people were not aware of the health problems and extensive training that this breed needs. Many Dalmatians ended up unwanted in animal shelters. After the blockbuster movie Men in Black featured a pug, this breed gained instant notoriety and popularity. Pug breeders increased in numbers, producing dogs with unnecessary health issues and people unknowingly purchased these dogs.

So while a movie star breed might still be for you, check to make sure that the breed is compatible with your life and your needs before you make that purchase. Verify that the dog you are looking at is healthy and from a reputable breeder.



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