Doghouse Options

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What types of dog houses are available for my dog?

Doghouse Options

In today's market, you can find a wide variety of doghouses to shelter your pooch. First consider the type of dog that you own, what his needs are, and what your budget is. If you have a dog who needs a confined area to run, consider a kennel run. Are you looking for an upscale doghouse complete with porch, steps, and a fenced area? Those are available as well.

For those who want a simpler approach, you can purchase a less expensive plastic doghouse which will shield your canine from most elements just fine. And for the tool savvy dog owner, consider designing your own doghouse or obtaining the plans to one. There's a tremendous amount of information available for building complex doghouses complete with electricity in styles from modern to a traditional one.

The doghouse should have a stable base and be tilted a bit forward towards the door in the event water or rain comes in. If the base is not stable, the dog won't use it because of its wobbly nature.



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