Brussels Griffon

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What is a Brussels Griffon and where can I get one?

Brussels Griffon

The dog Verdell, from the film "As Good As It Gets", is a Brussels griffon, a spunky and affectionate toy breed. They come in number of coat colors including reddish brown, black, and black and tan. These dogs require an average amount of grooming and will do fine with a leisurely walk around the block. Do keep in mind that Brussels griffons do require strict training as they can sometimes be challenging little individuals when it comes to obedience.

Keep in mind that although dogs that you see on films may seem adorable, they are highly trained actors. Thoroughly do your research on a breed before you decide to make a commitment. What you see on the big screen may be very different from reality. If you still have your heart set on a Brussels griffon, the best place to get a purebred dog is through a reputable breeder. Find your local Brussels griffon breed club to get references for a breeder near you.



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