Careers with Animals and Dogs

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What careers would let me work with animals and dogs?

Careers with Animals and Dogs

If you're a dog lover and you're trying to find a career that will let you work with dogs, there's a number of options to consider. Here's a partial list:

• Veterinarian – diagnose and treat ailing animals, including dogs
• Veterinary Technician – assist in the diagnosis and treatment of ailing animals, including dogs
• Dog Trainer – teach an owner and dog, basic canine obedience and address specific training and behavioral issues.
• Dog Handler – care for, train, and handle a dog in the show ring
• Canine Physical Therapist – assist in the physical recovery of a canine from surgery or other health issues
• Canine Animal Behaviorist – diagnose behavioral issues in dogs and recommend treatment, including medication
• Animal Shelter Director – run the facility of an animal care facility for homeless pets, including administration duties
• Doggy Daycare Owner – run a boarding facility to care for pets while their owners are away



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