Small White Dogs

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What are some small white dogs that are good pets?

Small White Dogs

So you're looking for a breed of dog and you have your heart set on a smaller dog with mid-length white fur. It sounds like you'd be interested in one of the spitz breeds. The toy or miniature American Eskimo might be right up your alley. This dog has a thick medium length overcoat, loves to be with his owner, but may be a little aloof around strangers. You'll need some early training and socialization with this dog, but they are fairly easy to train and enjoy learning tricks. The toy version is 9-12 inches at the shoulders and the miniature version is 12-15 inches at the shoulders.

If you're still looking for more options, consider the following breeds:
• Bichon Frise – This breed is a gentle, playful and affectionate dog with a curly, plush white coat.
• Coton de Tulear – This dog a rare white breed, originally from Madagascar.
• Toy poodle – They are a responsive working breed of dog with an abundant dense coat, in many shades from cream to silver.



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