Smelly Fur

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How can I solve a problem with my dog´s smelly fur?

Smelly Fur

If your dog's fur is a terror on the olfactory senses, here's a few reasons why and some ideas to fix the problem:

• Your dog has rolled in something smelly outdoors. Give your dog a complete bath with a shampoo formulated for dogs to get him fresh again.
• He' been in the water and his fur isn't drying out completely, giving him that musty scent. Make sure to dry his fur out completely in the sun or by using a pet dryer.
• It's not really his fur. Some dogs have a condition called seborrhea where they secrete excessive oil and odor. Frequent bathing with a medicated shampoo from your vet should do the trick.
• Your dog has long hair on his backside and it's become soiled from defecation. Frequent brushing and a monthly trim will help keep him clean.



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