From Country Dog to Suburbia

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How can I help my country-dwelling dog adjust to life in the suburbs?

From Country Dog to Suburbia

If you're moving to a new environment with your canine, there are some things that you can do to help him adjust to a new lifestyle.

First, make a list of priorities to decide what types of things will help make the new environment a home. For instance, if you are moving from the countryside to a suburban environment, perhaps a good compromise would be access to a large backyard, park, or proximity to an outdoor area for hiking.

Next, help acclimate your dog to the change in environment by introducing him to the new area slowly. If your dog is used to open areas and needs to get used to streetlights, cars, and stop signs, show him the rules of expected behavior.

Finally, bring pieces of your dog's former environment to his new home. He'll be comforted by familiar objects like his food bowl, bed, and favorite toy.



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