Canine Careers - Is your breed doing their job as bred?

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What are dogs used for?

Canine Careers - Is your breed doing their job as bred?

Dogs were originally bred for a variety of specific tasks ranging from hunting to herding to life as companion animals. Today, dogs can hold a variety of careers, and if they were bred for a specific job and are not doing in their life, it is usually becomes a behavior issue to address.

Here's a partial list of some jobs that dogs have: • Therapy Dogs – These canines help bring cheer to a broad range of people including disadvantaged children, the elderly, and those recovering from psychological trauma. • Canine Search and Rescue Dogs – These dogs go where disasters strike and help to find and rescue folks who need help. • Narcotic and Drug Dogs – Canines in narcotic and drug work sniff out illegal substances for law enforcement. • Canine Actors – They're highly trained entertainment professionals. These dogs appear in films, television shows, commercials, and live performances.



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