Teaching Sit
and Lie Down

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How do I teach a dog to sit and lie down?

Teaching Sit
and Lie Down

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the first fundamental commands in training obedience. To get your dog to sit, give the command, "Sit" and then squeeze gently at his waist with your hand and apply pressure downward. This should get him into a sitting position. When he responds, offer lots of praise and treats as a reward. Gradually, your dog will come to understand the command and you will no longer have to push down to get him to sit.

To teach your dog to lie down, use a similar concept. Teach your dog once he's mastered the sit command. Get your canine to sit first, then give the command, "Down". You can either lure your dog down with a treat and reward him then or gently place pressure on his back to get him in the down position. Always reward your dog promptly. Be consistent and patient and your dog will soon respond to both commands well.



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