Stop the Dog Biting

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How do I stop my dog from biting my father when he controls him?

Stop the Dog Biting

When a dog growls, he is issuing a warning. He's saying, "Take heed or I will bite." When that warning is not heeded, the dog will then takes action and bites.

In order to remedy the situation you need to first determine the cause of your dog's aggressiveness. Dogs bite for various reasons. The seven most common reasons include fear, food possession, maternal possession, show of dominance, re-directed aggression, pain-induced aggression, and pestering. Once you've determined the cause, see if you can remove the stimulus that causes the biting. If at any time, you feel your canine is out of hand, you should immediately consult an experienced trainer or behavior specialist.



8/24/2006 11:16:27 PM
Wayne Shaffer said:

A professional should be consulted, the average dog owner may not be able to properly determine what is causing the trouble.


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