Q&A: Puppy Food

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How and what do I feed a puppy?

Q&A: Puppy Food

Q: How and what do I feed a puppy?

A: You have a number of choices to make about puppy feeding. This includes the choice of dog food [regular or premium, puppy chow or regular dog food, commercial or natural] and whether to feed on a schedule or allow free feeding where dry food and water are available at all times.

From all the reading I've done, combined with our experiences, feeding on a schedule is preferable. Here are some reasons: puppies that are free fed are more likely to become fussy eaters, housebreaking is harder because it is more difficult to know when a pup needs to go outside, and your dog is less likely to eat when you need it to if you are traveling with the dog or competing in sports or obedience.

Puppies need to be feed a nutritious diet several times a day to support its rapid growth. Here is a helpful article on new puppies, including a section on feeding:

And here is a detailed article on what to feed a puppy and when, from a site supported by veterinarians:

I encourage you to ask your veterinarian for advice as well.



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