Q&A: Homemade Dog
Food & Treats

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Where can I find recipes for homemade dog food and treats?

Q&A: Homemade Dog
Food & Treats

Q: Where can I find recipes for homemade dog food and treats?

A: There are lots of great recipes for homemade dog treats on the Web, and I'll share some sites where you can find them. Of course, thinking of dog treats reminds me of the hours I spent making special high-calorie treats for our racing Siberian Huskies so my husband Rick could "snack them" while out on a long-distance race trail.

Here's a fun recipe collection that includes Sunshine Liver Brownies and much more:

Here's another collection including Simple Simon's Birthday Bones:

And here's one with Good Puppy! Cookies:

And if you're really serious about cooking for your dog, here's a page with 130 recipes including dinners such as Chow Chow Stew:



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